Best Way to Sell a Used Car: Tips for a Stress-Free & Profitable Sale

What’s the best way to sell a used car? It’s the question on the mind of every seller looking for a hassle-free transaction that maximizes their return. The key lies in presentation, pricing, and savvy selling tactics. In this guide, we unwrap those layers to help you navigate the sales journey and clinch the deal you deserve.

Key Notes For Those Who Don't Have The Time To Read The Full Article

  • Thorough preparation for sale, such as detailing, minor repairs, and organizing all necessary paperwork, can significantly enhance a vehicle’s appeal which can often result in a higher sale price.
  • Setting a competitive asking price is critical; use online valuation tools, consider current market trends and similar listings, and factor in any unique features or upgrades to accurately determine your vehicle’s worth.
  • When setting up the starting price, always leave room for negotiations, meaning, don't list the vehicle for what you want to get from it; start with a higher price.
  • When selling privately, spend time to create a good looking online ad with quality photos and descriptive, honest content, and use the appropriate online platforms to reach the target audience.
  • For a convenient stress-free sale, consider selling to a dealership, which offers benefits like ease, potential tax savings, and secure transaction processes.

Why You Can Trust Our Opinion at Universal Ford Lincoln

At Universal Ford, our opinion is backed by a rich family legacy and over seventy years of experience in the automotive industry, making us experts in both buying and selling used vehicles. Our customer-first philosophy, "It starts with you," reflects our commitment to your satisfaction, which is the cornerstone of our success. We've earned the prestigious President’s Award 38 times, signifying our dedication to exceptional service. Our deep roots in the community and our unwavering support for every customer underscore why you can trust our expertise when it comes to all things automotive.

Best Way to Sell a Used Car

Maximizing Your Car's Appeal: Pre-Sale Preparation

As you prepare to put your used car on the market, think about ways that can help its appeal to potential buyers. Often, the first impression can significantly influence a buyer’s decision. That's why it's important to thoroughly clean your vehicle. The goal is not only to present a visually pleasing vehicle but also to prove that it has been well-maintained, showcasing the its condition.

Detailing Your Vehicle Inside and Out

The first step in preparing your car for sale is a thorough detailing. Detailing goes beyond a basic wash; it’s a meticulous process that enhances the vehicle’s interior and exterior. It includes services like:

  • Vacuuming
  • Steam cleaning
  • Conditioning for the interior
  • Hand washing
  • Waxing
  • Polishing

By following these steps, you can make your car look its best and increase its appeal to potential buyers, including car buyers who are specifically looking to sell your car or purchase a car privately. Normally, you would hire someone to do it for you as detailing requires certain tools that an owner might not have.

Professional detailing can increase the perceived value of the car, attracting more buyers, and potentially getting you a higher price. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy a car that looks like new?

Handling Minor Repairs and Maintenance

Taking care of minor repairs before selling can greatly enhance the vehicle’s initial impression, possibly leading to a higher sale price too. Some common things you can look at repairing are:

  • Windshield cracks
  • Chipped glass
  • Power window function
  • Tire condition
  • Brake quality
  • Engine maintenance

Keeping your service records updated not only assists mechanics in pinpointing issues but also showcases that you have well-maintained your vehicle.

Gathering Necessary Paperwork

Collecting all necessary paperwork for a used car sale is key for maintaining transparency and establishing trust with potential buyers. These documents include the vehicle identification number (VIN) that you provide to the buyer, a detailed vehicle history report, and all maintenance records.

Providing a CARFAX Canada report can give potential private buyers insight into the vehicle’s past, including accidents, liens, and insurance claims. This will make the sale look more transparent and build trust.

When selling a car, consider doing some minor repairs to add value

Setting a Competitive Asking Price

Once your car is polished and all required paperwork is ready, it’s time to determine your fair asking price. This step is crucial as the asking price not only influences how quickly the car sells but also the interest it will get from potential buyers.

But how do you determine a fair asking price for your car, ensuring you get a fair price for it?

Using Online Valuation Tools

Online valuation tools like the Universal Ford’s car value calculator are a reliable method for establishing a fair asking price and determining your car worth. This user-friendly tool provides instant vehicle appraisals by inputting a few details about the vehicle.

The estimates are based on trusted black book values and aggregated market data, offering sellers a transparent picture of their car’s worth in the current market.

Evaluating Market Trends and Similar Listings

In addition to using online valuation tools, it’s also important to research current market trends and prices. Resources like the Canadian Black Book and VMR Canada offer sales data and instant valuation estimates that reflect the specifics of the Canadian car market.

Information from listings of comparable vehicles on AutoTrader or Kijiji helps sellers to price their cars in alignment with current market-driven valuations. Make sure to look for similar trim, mileage and year to get the most accurate comparison to your own vehicle.

Factoring in Unique Features or Upgrades

When deciding on your asking price, you should also consider your car's unique features and upgrades. Special features like high fuel efficiency, enhanced audio systems, or premium packages can increase a car’s marketability and value.

Organized service records can also influence a buyer’s decision, supporting a higher asking price for the car.

Crafting an Engaging Ad

Best Way to Sell a Used Car

After determining a competitive asking price, the next step is promoting your car online. The goal here is to create an engaging ad that highlights your car’s best attributes and captures the attention of potential buyers, as well as builds trust and transparency around your sale.

So, what’s the formula for creating a good online ad for your car?

Writing Descriptive and Honest Ads

Firstly, your ad should be descriptive and straightforward. Being upfront about the vehicle’s condition establishes trust and can prevent issues in the sales process. The ad should include a detailed specification sheet showcasing the car’s

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Trim
  • Kilometers
  • Color
  • Transmission
  • Fuel type

Also, it's always worth mentioning any recent repairs the vehicle has undergone, which will show care and maintenance and that the buyer won't have to think about replacing those parts any time soon. We would also recommend mentioning any issues the vehicle has, which will help you build trust around your sale.

Taking Professional-Looking Photos

Next, capture quality photos of your car. Photos play an important role in online car sales, and high-quality photos can significantly help with the presentation of the vehicle and attract more buyers. To take the best photos, follow these tips:

  • Select the best looking, colourful photo as the featured one
  • Take photos during the golden hour for a warm and flattering natural light
  • Take images of both the car's exterior and the interior, so buyers would get the full idea of the state of the vehicle
  • Always shoot car interiors in the shade to prevent shadows

These tips will help you capture good photos that will make your car stand out.

Choosing the Right Online Platforms

Lastly, select the most suitable online platforms for listing your car. The platform you choose depends on the type of vehicle you’re selling and the target audience you’re trying to reach. Some options include:

  • Auto Trader
  • Kijiji
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Various Car Auctions

These platforms offer general listings or auctions, and cater to different audiences such as car enthusiasts.

Why Selling to a Dealership Could Be Your Best Bet

Sell your car to a dealership stress free

Although private sales can sometimes provide a slightly higher price, selling to a dealership like Universal Ford provides:

  • A broader inventory to choose from
  • Warranty
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Secure transactions
  • Professional guidance

This is especially useful if you’re looking to trade in your car for a new one, as the dealership handles everything from the initial valuation to finalizing the sale.

What additional advantages can selling to a dealership offer?

Avoiding Double Taxation

One of the key benefits of trading in your car at a dealership is the potential tax savings. In Alberta, the trade-in value given by the dealership reduces the overall cost on which sales tax is calculated when purchasing a new vehicle. This effectively lowers the taxable base, resulting in savings.

Ensuring Secure Transactions

Another advantage of selling to a dealership is the security of transactions. Dealerships provide secure transactions, with sellers receiving payment immediately upon agreement, avoiding any wait period for the funds. This eliminates the the risk of fraud and ensures a stress-free sale experience.

Expert Guidance Through the Process

Finally, selling to a dealership like Universal Ford, provides expert guidance throughout the selling process. Whether you’re trading in your vehicle for a new car or selling it directly to the dealership with no obligation to buy, you’ll receive professional advice to guide you through the process and make it as smooth as possible.

Navigating Test Drives and Buyer Interactions

If you opt for a private sale, managing test drives and buyer communications is a key aspect of the process. It’s important to establish safe test drive procedures, communicate effectively with potential buyers, and negotiate the sale confidently.

So, how should you handle these interactions for optimal results?

Setting Up Safe Test Drive Procedures

When arranging test drives, safety should always be your top priority. Meet potential buyers in a safe and public location, like the Calgary Buy & Sell Zones, and always ask for the potential buyer’s driver’s license and proof of insurance before allowing a test drive.

Planning a test drive route in advance and limiting the duration allows the potential buyer to assess the car quickly, ensuring the car’s performance is evaluated while managing your time effectively.

Effectively Communicating with Buyers

Effective communication is key when you connect with potential buyers. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always try to respond promptly to inquiries.
  2. Be clear and concise in your responses.
  3. Be prepared to provide additional information or photos upon request to help the buyer make an informed decision.

Negotiating the Sale Confidently

Finally, approach the sale negotiations with confidence. Knowing your car’s market value and having a clear idea of the lowest price you’re willing to accept can help you negotiate confidently.

Be transparent during negotiations, and be prepared to walk away if the deal does not meet your predetermined conditions.

Be prepared for various negotiation tactics the buyers can throw at you. Often, they can try to throw you some low ball offers, stating that your vehicle has some major issues. If you know the actual condition of your used car, don't give into the pressure; remember the advice we gave above - be prepared to walk away if the deal is not going the way you want.

Best Way to Sell a Used Car

Finalizing the Sale: Completing the Transaction

After you’ve reached an agreement, the last step is to finalize the transaction. This involves preparing the Bill of Sale and other documents, accepting payment safely, and transferring ownership.

What does this process involve exactly?

Preparing the Bill of Sale and Other Documents

In a private car sale, it’s crucial to arrange the Bill of Sale, which must include the sale date, identification info, vehicle details, odometer reading, total price, payment method, and any vehicle condition warranties or statements, and must be signed by both parties. The buyer will also have to arrange his insurance, so that he could legally take on and drive the vehicle.

Accepting Payment Safely

When it comes to accepting payment, safety is paramount. For transactions above $10,000, money orders or bank drafts are often used instead of cash due to practicality and safety.

A direct bank transfer ensures the security of the transaction as the funds must be cleared and are not usually reversible.

Transferring Ownership and License Plates

The final step is to transfer ownership and license plates. The buyer has the obligation to register the vehicle in their own name with an Alberta registry agent within 14 days of the vehicle’s purchase date. If the vehicle being transferred is from out of province, another country, or is a salvage vehicle, the buyer may be required to provide a valid inspection report as part of the vehicle transfer process.

To Conclude

In summary, selling a used car is an art and science that requires careful preparation, strategic pricing, effective marketing, and confident negotiation. Whether you choose to sell privately or through a dealership like Universal Ford Lincoln, understanding the process can ensure a smooth and profitable sale. Remember, knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better you’ll be at selling your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is best to sell a used car to?

The best places to sell a used car are selling to a dealership, like Universal Ford, or selling privately through online marketplaces like Autotrader or Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, you can also sell your vehicle through an auction. Each way has its own benefits, so consider the best option for your needs.

What is the best payment to accept when selling a car?

The best payment to accept when selling a car privately is cash or a bank draft delivered in person by the buyer. This ensures security and eliminates the risk of fraud or payment cancellation. When selling to a dealership, choose the method that's the most convenient for you, as you won't have the same level of risk of not getting paid by an official business.

Do I need Carfax to sell my car?

You don't need a Carfax report to sell your car, but it can be beneficial for potential buyers to have the vehicle's history information readily available. Sharing a Carfax report with potential buyers can help establish trust and transparency in the sale.

How do I prepare my car for sale?

To prepare your car for sale, you should detail the vehicle inside and out, handle minor repairs and maintenance, and gather necessary paperwork like the vehicle history report, and maintenance records. This will help present your car in the best possible condition for potential buyers.

How do I set a competitive asking price for my car?

To set a competitive asking price for your car, use online valuation tools, evaluate market trends and similar listings, and consider unique features or upgrades in your car. This will help you determine a price that stands out in the market.

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7 Things Every Mustang Owner Can Relate Too

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Well known for its power, handling abilities and incredible looks, Mustang owners take pride in their ride. You’ll find fan clubs in communities around the globe, dedicated social media pages and websites, even Youtube channels exclusively for the Ford Mustang.

Our team here at Universal Ford Lincoln put together this little video illustrating 7 Things Every Mustang Owner Can Relate Too. Enjoy the video and remember…  It’s not just a car, it’s a lifestyle!

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Taking a Road Trip This Summer? Top 10 Destinations

Top 10 Road Trip Destinations for Alberta and British Columbia

Sometimes, the road will always be the last resort for those people who would like to make their life to the fullest. Having a road trip on a beautiful place will surely make everything memorable at the same nostalgic since you will be able to think about the happy memories that you have gained. And road trips are best enjoyed if you have the best people to laugh and sing with while you are inside the car.

Alberta and British Columbia are destinations that will surely make your road trips the best among others. These places offer scenic views which can make every road trip worthy.


Alberta is a place in Canada where you can witness diversity. With its breathtaking and majestic views, surely, every road trip will be fed fully. Also, in this place, you can get in touch with nature better and will have the chance to see the wildlife.

Planning to have an Alberta road trip? Well, here are the destinations that you should not miss.

Wood Buffalo Park

If you want to enjoy your road trip by stopping at the biggest national park in Canada, the Wood Buffalo Park is a great destination. This is situated on Alberta’s Northeastern part and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can enjoy the rivers that surround the park but it is always best to bring your safety and first aid kits.

Lake Louise

Want to see one of the most photographed lakes? Then Lake Louise is another road trip destination that you should not miss. Named for Queen Victoria’s daughter, the lake is found on Banff north which will truly make your trip the best one. In this destination, you can witness the castle-like Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel where you can enjoy your meals and drinks while watching the spectacular view.

Crowsnest Pass

Just a two hours’ drive on Calgary’s south, Crowsnest Pass is another destination to not miss for road trips. In this place, you can enjoy your lunch at the Turner and Black Diamond Valley. See the wonderful livestock, foothills, and wind farms in the area and eat some beef jerky from Longview.

The Badlands

Want to visit a place during your road trip in Alberta where dinosaurs existed millions of years ago? Well, the Badlands is the place to be. This is one famous destination in Alberta that you should never miss out because you can enjoy some activities that will surely make your road trip worthwhile. You can do skydiving, bird watching and stroll at The Badlands.

Longview Village

If you truly want to experience the diversity that Alberta offers, Longview Village should be included in your bucket list. This village is visited by several road trippers because it offers a unique vibe which will make you feel at home. You can enjoy the village with your family and friends by dining, attending events, watching entertainment, and more.


British Columbia is another place in Canada where you can enjoy your road trip. In this place, your road trip will be given a life that you have never experienced from other places.

If you want to complete your British Columbia road trip with a bang, here are the destinations that you should visit when you plan to have a road trip.

Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnels is a place where you can stop by when you are on a road trip. Located in Hope, British Columbia, you can stroll on the tunnels abandoned while it is surrounded with a majestic canyon. If you are worrying any fee, well, Othello Tunnels is free to explore. It is only an hour and fifteen minutes travel from Vancouver.


Located in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, this wine oasis is a great destination that you should never miss when you are having a road trip in British Columbia. Okanagan is being flocked because of the paradise that it offers to wine lovers. This is perfect for wine enthusiasts and also to people who don’t have an interest in wines. The place offers spectacular views, ski resorts, small towns, amazing beaches, pristine lakes, and more. You can also enjoy a drive to the Coquihalla highway.

Mayne Island

Looking for a serene place where you can enjoy and relax with nature after some hours of driving? Then, Mayne Island is the sweetest escape that you can find at British Columbia. This island is filled with accommodations that give a homey feeling. Also, the Mayne Island will help you get closer to nature and will truly give you a privacy that you cannot experience from others.

Sombrio Beach

Do you love surfing? Would you like to combine surfing and road trip? Then, in British Columbia, you can make it happen. Sombrio Beach is a haven for surfers. This is located on Vancouver Island and is considered as the best place to surf. The beach is 29 kilometers away from the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Also, you can enjoy hiking and camping in this place.

Yoho National Park

This 2017, national parks in Canada are offered for free and if you want to reach one of the best national parks in British Columbia, then the Yoho National Park is the one. It has pristine lakes, 28 peaks, and waterfalls that will surely make your trip unforgettable. But make sure before you bound to this park, you have already signed up in order to get a free pass. Yoho National Park is situated in Field, British Columbia.

Alberta and British Columbia are places that will fulfill your wanderlust soul when it comes to road trips. These places are providing the best views in Canada which will truly make your trip truly worth your time and will never give regrets.

If you want to enjoy your road trip and make it the best adventure of your life, then doing this activity in Alberta and British Columbia is a good decision. You will not only see majestic sceneries but will also make memories.

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Completely forgot where you parked your car? Let FordPass help you find it!

Imagine never having that embarrassing feeling of not knowing where you parked.

If you are a Ford owner of a 2017 Ford F-150, Ford Escape or Ford Fusion and your car has been equipped with SYNC Connect, SYNC 3 or SYNC Applink, you will be able to take advantage of FordPass. Ford’s mobile app that helps you find smarter ways to move.

FordPass not only allows you to see the location of your parked vehicle, it also helps you find, reserve and pay for parking in commercial lots directly from the app!

FordPass also allows you to locate gas stations based on your preferences. You can filter by fuel grade or brand and quickly compare current pricing, saving you time and money.
FordPass finding smarter ways to move.

Do you prefer personalized attention? You can get one-on-one help from Ford Guides. They will help you with any needs or questions, just call or chat right from the app.
You can call for Roadside Assistance 24/7, for help with towing, jump starting, flat tires, delivering fuel and much more.  Also find and reach your Ford dealer for services. Access your vehicle information and service needs right from your phone and even schedule your next service appointment easily. Get alerts and service reminders.

These are just a few of the many benefits that the FordPass app has. The way the world moves is changing. Download the app and help shape the way you move tomorrow.
Find more information on the FordPass App here https://www.fordpass.ca/en_us/app.html

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Buying a Used Car? Read This First – Expert Tips

Buying a used car can be intimidating. What’s more, it can often involve a significant cash commitment without any guarantees. With so many things to consider, it can be an overwhelming experience.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of information out there to help you make the right decision and guide you step-by-step through the car selection process. Here are some of the key points for you to consider:

  1. Test drive it – Make sure you test the brakes and the steering at different speeds. Your drive should be smooth and comfortable.
  2. Make sure you test for leakage – Park the car and let it run for five minutes. There shouldn’t be any fluid spots on the ground. Also, try to sniff the leakage inside, or look for water-damage signs. A heavy perfume smell inside might indicate that the seller is trying to mask the mildew.
  3. Look for signs of repair inside and out – If the car has been in an accident, this needs to be disclosed. You need to be shown where the repairs have been made and if the car has been repaired according to regulations. Look for any paint that doesn’t match, or for miss-aligned panels.
  4. Conduct a mechanic inspection – Take the car to a trusted mechanic or dealership to make sure you get an objective opinion on the state of the car and any future repairs you might need to make. Trusted dealers and mechanics can also help you assess the price of the car.
  5. Check the car history – Request the car service history, which will give you an indication of how and where the car was serviced, including any repairs that have been done. Keep in mind that some cars are sold because of reoccurring problems.

Now that you have done your due diligence and checked the items on your list, it’s time to think about the “what if” scenarios when making your decision.

  • What if your new car breaks down in a month? Hopefully, you had your car inspected and you were aware of the repairs coming up. But, if you don’t like surprises, look for a reputable car dealership that offers a warranty on used cars. At Universal Ford Lincoln, we offer a two-month or 4,000-km bumper-to-bumper warranty on used cars. See dealer for details.

We also provide a full AMVIC certified inspection that covers over 50 vehicle points. Undergoing this inspection takes a huge risk out of buying!

  • What if you bought a vehicle that is not right for you? Don’t let anybody talk you into a ”great deal” or a vehicle that doesn’t meet your expectations. At Universal Ford Lincoln, our sales advisors are very knowledgeable about all vehicles we sell and their capabilities. We will take the time to find out about your needs and make recommendations accordingly. For example, if you need a vehicle that could tow 8,000 lbs, we would know exactly what type of vehicle to recommend. In other words, you won’t drive out of our lot with an Escape.
  • What if there was a lien on the vehicle? At Universal Ford Lincoln, we offer fraud protection, including a guaranteed-no-lien on the vehicle. All your transactions will be safe and secure with us. Also, if you need financing, we have different options to accommodate your needs.
  • What if the vehicle was in a previous accident and you didn’t know about it? Universal Ford Lincoln has a strict policy on full disclosure and transparency. We provide a CarProof report with every used car that includes the following:
    • Accident and claim history
    • Registration location history (Including USA)
    • Guarantee that the odometer is showing the correct reading
    • Assurance that all safety recalls are up to date
  • What if you paid too much for the vehicle? At Universal Ford Lincoln, we take the guess work out of buying a vehicle. We do the research for you to make sure the vehicle you buy is priced competitively. We use powerful, live-market data available, surveying thousands of pre-owned websites across Canada. This ensures you receive real-time Market Pricing on every pre-owned vehicle we sell.

Buying a used car can be stressful. At Universal Ford Lincoln we do everything we can to make this a positive experience for you.

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8 Winter Tire Tips

8 Winter Tire Tips

It’s that time of year, and our technicians at Universal Ford always get asked the same questions:

“Should we really change to winter tires?”
“Do winter tires really make a difference?”
“Do they really perform better, even if I already have a 4×4?”

We think that, deep down, everyone who asks probably already knows the answer, which is YES! We live in Calgary!

Winter here in Canada is different than it is for our neighbours to the south, which is where all-seasons are most heavily marketed. Our winters here get colder, which decreases performance of the rubber in all-season tires. Calgarians need winter tires, which are specifically designed to function in our winter temperatures to give you the extra stopping power and added traction in slick situations.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay safe (and warm) on the road this winter:

1. It’s a simple truth – winter tires just perform better than all-season tires. We even tested them out ourselves, right here in the Universal Ford Lincoln lot. Same vehicle, one with winter tires and one with all-season tires. We applied the brakes on a patch of ice and the stopping distance was noticeably longer with the all-season tires. When you think about a couple of inches that could make the difference from rear-ending someone (and the insurance nightmare that follows), the investment in winter tires starts to look like a the more economical choice.

2. Change to your winter tires at around 5 degrees Celsius, regardless of snow. Some people wait until the first snow of the season in order to change their tires. In reality, 5 degrees is when the rubber on all-season tires starts to lose grip with the road. In Calgary, we have some crazy weather fluctuations and the temperature can drop fast, so it’s best to think about it sooner rather than later. Plus, you’ll beat the rush that comes when the first snow flies!

3. Never mix and match tires. Sometimes we get asked if it is a good idea to put two snow tires on one axle and keep all season tires on the other axle. We would never recommend this. The axle with winter tires will have good grip, while the back axle with summer or all-season tires will not. The chance of loosing control is high. Turning a corner, the front tires are going to bite and grip harder than the back, swinging your car’s back end out.

4. Don’t drive with your winter tires all year round. The rubber compound in winter tires is meant for colder temperatures, and will begin to break down on warm roads. This will cause them to get worn a lot faster in summer. If you have already invested in winter tires, protect that investment and make it last. Universal Ford even offers a year-round tire storage program!

5. You don’t need studded tires for city driving in Calgary. Studded tires are recommended for extremely icy road conditions. Here in Calgary, we have snow-covered roads for a big part of winter. Non-studded tires will work best.

6. Even if you have a 4×4 truck, you still need winter tires. There is a large selection of winter tires for your 4×4 truck for a reason. 4x4s are designed to help you with acceleration and to get out of difficult terrain, but will not help you with stopping distance on icy conditions.

7. Leave changing your tires to the experts. It is always best to have a trained technician do the work on your vehicle, including changing tires. There are multiple things that can be unsafe if you were to do this without the expertise. Most places including Universal Ford can have it done within an hour.

8. When looking at tires, don’t just purchase the lowest priced set. Make sure you have the correct size for your vehicle and wheels, and that the tire carries the winter tire symbol (mountain snowflake symbol). It is always best to lean towards performance when safety is involved.

Once you know you’ll need winter tires, it is best to purchase them with your Universal Ford vehicle. We can finance the tires to you at the same low interest rate as your car! 0% financing on right now is a steal, and don’t forget those rims too!

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