Taking a Road Trip This Summer? Top 10 Destinations

Top 10 Road Trip Destinations for Alberta and British Columbia

Sometimes, the road will always be the last resort for those people who would like to make their life to the fullest. Having a road trip on a beautiful place will surely make everything memorable at the same nostalgic since you will be able to think about the happy memories that you have gained. And road trips are best enjoyed if you have the best people to laugh and sing with while you are inside the car.

Alberta and British Columbia are destinations that will surely make your road trips the best among others. These places offer scenic views which can make every road trip worthy.


Alberta is a place in Canada where you can witness diversity. With its breathtaking and majestic views, surely, every road trip will be fed fully. Also, in this place, you can get in touch with nature better and will have the chance to see the wildlife.

Planning to have an Alberta road trip? Well, here are the destinations that you should not miss.

Wood Buffalo Park

If you want to enjoy your road trip by stopping at the biggest national park in Canada, the Wood Buffalo Park is a great destination. This is situated on Alberta’s Northeastern part and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can enjoy the rivers that surround the park but it is always best to bring your safety and first aid kits.

Lake Louise

Want to see one of the most photographed lakes? Then Lake Louise is another road trip destination that you should not miss. Named for Queen Victoria’s daughter, the lake is found on Banff north which will truly make your trip the best one. In this destination, you can witness the castle-like Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel where you can enjoy your meals and drinks while watching the spectacular view.

Crowsnest Pass

Just a two hours’ drive on Calgary’s south, Crowsnest Pass is another destination to not miss for road trips. In this place, you can enjoy your lunch at the Turner and Black Diamond Valley. See the wonderful livestock, foothills, and wind farms in the area and eat some beef jerky from Longview.

The Badlands

Want to visit a place during your road trip in Alberta where dinosaurs existed millions of years ago? Well, the Badlands is the place to be. This is one famous destination in Alberta that you should never miss out because you can enjoy some activities that will surely make your road trip worthwhile. You can do skydiving, bird watching and stroll at The Badlands.

Longview Village

If you truly want to experience the diversity that Alberta offers, Longview Village should be included in your bucket list. This village is visited by several road trippers because it offers a unique vibe which will make you feel at home. You can enjoy the village with your family and friends by dining, attending events, watching entertainment, and more.


British Columbia is another place in Canada where you can enjoy your road trip. In this place, your road trip will be given a life that you have never experienced from other places.

If you want to complete your British Columbia road trip with a bang, here are the destinations that you should visit when you plan to have a road trip.

Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnels is a place where you can stop by when you are on a road trip. Located in Hope, British Columbia, you can stroll on the tunnels abandoned while it is surrounded with a majestic canyon. If you are worrying any fee, well, Othello Tunnels is free to explore. It is only an hour and fifteen minutes travel from Vancouver.


Located in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, this wine oasis is a great destination that you should never miss when you are having a road trip in British Columbia. Okanagan is being flocked because of the paradise that it offers to wine lovers. This is perfect for wine enthusiasts and also to people who don’t have an interest in wines. The place offers spectacular views, ski resorts, small towns, amazing beaches, pristine lakes, and more. You can also enjoy a drive to the Coquihalla highway.

Mayne Island

Looking for a serene place where you can enjoy and relax with nature after some hours of driving? Then, Mayne Island is the sweetest escape that you can find at British Columbia. This island is filled with accommodations that give a homey feeling. Also, the Mayne Island will help you get closer to nature and will truly give you a privacy that you cannot experience from others.

Sombrio Beach

Do you love surfing? Would you like to combine surfing and road trip? Then, in British Columbia, you can make it happen. Sombrio Beach is a haven for surfers. This is located on Vancouver Island and is considered as the best place to surf. The beach is 29 kilometers away from the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Also, you can enjoy hiking and camping in this place.

Yoho National Park

This 2017, national parks in Canada are offered for free and if you want to reach one of the best national parks in British Columbia, then the Yoho National Park is the one. It has pristine lakes, 28 peaks, and waterfalls that will surely make your trip unforgettable. But make sure before you bound to this park, you have already signed up in order to get a free pass. Yoho National Park is situated in Field, British Columbia.

Alberta and British Columbia are places that will fulfill your wanderlust soul when it comes to road trips. These places are providing the best views in Canada which will truly make your trip truly worth your time and will never give regrets.

If you want to enjoy your road trip and make it the best adventure of your life, then doing this activity in Alberta and British Columbia is a good decision. You will not only see majestic sceneries but will also make memories.


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